Matar Paneer: A Classic Indian Delight

Learn how to prepare the delectable Matar Paneer, a beloved North Indian dish combining green peas and paneer in a rich and creamy tomato-based gravy.

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Sautéing the Base

Sauté onions, ginger, and garlic until golden brown, creating a flavorful base for the Matar Paneer gravy.

Tomato Puree

Prepare a smooth tomato puree by blending tomatoes, adding a tangy and vibrant element to the Matar Paneer gravy.

Spice it Up

Add a blend of aromatic spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric, red chili powder, and garam masala, enhancing the flavors of Matar Paneer.

Paneer and Green Peas

Add paneer cubes and green peas to the gravy, allowing them to cook and absorb the flavors, creating a perfect combination of textures.

Creamy Indulgence

Finish off the Matar Paneer by adding a touch of fresh cream, imparting a creamy richness that balances the spices and elevates the dish.

Serving and Enjoyment

Serve the hot and luscious Matar Paneer with naan, roti, or rice, savoring the delightful combination of paneer, green peas, and aromatic spices.

Matar Paneer is a beloved vegetarian option that can be enjoyed with naan, roti, or rice, making it a versatile and satisfying choice for any meal.

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